Helping New Yorkers

Bill Mulrow has been a force for innovation in the finance world for more than 30 years. In 1978, he graduated from Yale University with honors and was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholar program. He continued his education at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, graduating with honors and earning a Master of Public Administration degree.

Employment in the Public and Private Sectors

After graduation, Bill Mulrow accepted a position with the New York State Division of the Budget as the Executive Assistant to the Director. He soon made the move to the private sector, working as a Managing Director and head of public finance banking at Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette Securities Corporation, a firm he worked at for 13 years.

He then moved on to Rothschild Inc. for a four-year period before accepting the position of Senior Vice President and head of new product development with Gabelli Asset Management. In that capacity, he put his creative abilities to work in creating and promoting new product lines and new strategies for investors.

Elite Experience in the Financial World

In 2005, he began his tenures as a Managing Director for the Paladin Capital Group and as a Director for Citigroup Global Capital Markets Inc. These positions allowed him to take an even larger role in global financial markets and to put his public finance knowledge to good use on behalf of investors and shareholders. In his current role, he is a Senior Managing Director at the Blackstone Group, the largest alternative asset management corporation in the world.

A Record of Public Service

Throughout his career, Bill Mulrow has continued to serve the public in a variety of roles suited to his experience and financial background. In 1987, he was appointed the Chairman of the New York City Rent Guidelines Board. His talent and expertise were recognized again when he was named to the United Nations Development Corporation board in 1989 and as a Director of the Municipal Assistance Corporation for the City of New York in 1994.

More recently, he has served on the board of the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York and currently serves as Chairman for both the State of New York Mortgage Agency and the New York State Housing Finance Agency. These government entities oversee a number of mortgage lending programs designed to help New York residents purchase homes within the state. Mulrow has also served as Vice Chair for the New York State Democratic Party.

Bill Mulrow has demonstrated his commitment to New York and its citizens with consistent public service. His knowledge and experience have made him a valuable asset in a wide range of roles and ensure that he continues to be a sought-after resource in both the public and private financial sectors.

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