Helping Struggling New York Residents Become Homeowners

Making affordable housing available to all New York residents is one of the goals of the current administration in the state capitol in Albany. The selection of Bill Mulrow by Governor Cuomo to head the New York State Housing Finance Agency and the State of New York Mortgage Agency put a nationally recognized expert in public and private finance and investment banking in charge of key agencies to lead the state’s housing recovery. The governor’s appointment was approved by a unanimous vote of the State Senate.

As the Chairman of the state’s Housing Finance Agency, Mulrow also serves as Chairman of the Affordable Housing Corporation, the State of New York Municipal Bond Bank Agency and the Tobacco Settlement Financing Corporation. The agencies under his leadership and guidance are involved in the creation, preservation and financing of housing in New York.

Throughout his professional career, he has proven himself to be a visionary with a keen sense of getting the details right. As a Senior Managing Director at the Blackstone Group, a leader in alternative asset management, Mulrow has developed a knack for creating new investment strategies to meet the needs of investors. His work in the private sector translates well to his role as head of the public agencies in New York most responsible for designing mortgage-financing programs to make the dream of homeownership an affordable reality for residents of the state.